Miley helps actor Joaquin Phoenix!

5 02 2010

MILEY Cyrus has been busy reaching out to Joaquin Phoenix — and has reportedly been helping the actor out of his downward spiral.

Phoenix sparked concern last year after an appearance on The David Letterman Show where he announced his plans to quit acting and become a rapper.

After the show, friends say, Joaquin sank into his shell, becoming reclusive and depressed.

But according to reports, Joaquin struck up a close friendship with Miley, 17, and is now on the mend.

“Joaquin loves Miley,” a source close to the situation told Britain’s Nowmagazine.

“She’s brought so much joy and laughter into his life. He loves her energy and enthusiasm. He says she makes him feel like a kid again. He’s so grateful for everything she’s done for him.

“Joaquin was introduced to Miley by his ex-girlfriend Liv Tyler, who’s another one who should be credited from bringing him back from the brink.

“Together, they’ve worked hard to lift Joaquin’s spirits. He’s been through so much turmoil in his life, it’s no wonder he’s feeling down.”


Thanks @JacquelineRose7!

Source @geturgoodon!




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