Dance, Dance Chicago, replacing Hannah Montana?!

20 02 2010

‘Dance, Dance Chicago’ is a new tv show which is apparently going to be replacing ‘Hannah Montana’. 😦

Here is a video, of Bella Thorne, who is going to be in Dance, Dance Chicago, talking about her character and the show!

Don’t know much about Bella Thorne? Go here.


Thanks @JacquelineRose7




7 responses

20 02 2010

She looks so weird !!

20 02 2010
Christina Rego

Hmmm, not really

20 02 2010

What! “Hmmm, not really” you need to explain you comment .

20 02 2010

She to old all ready for this show to be a hit & she seams to full of her self IMO. & very irritating voice too.

20 02 2010

her voice is so annoying.
&NOTHING can EVER replace Hannah Montana! 🙂

22 02 2010

irritating & squeaky voice ewww
this can never replace HM!!

1 03 2010

ew. what an annoying voice.

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