Miley Cyrus on GMTV!

20 04 2010

Miley is unable to attend The Last Song premiere tonight, due to the flight problems, but she did stay up to have a quick interview with the presenters on GMTV this morning. Video below!


Mitchel Musso talking about Hannah Montana!

14 03 2010

Click here to see Mitchel Musso talking about Hannah Montana!

(Thank you WeAdoreMiley!)

Miley Says Goodbye!

24 02 2010

Here is the episode ‘Miley Says Goodbye’ for those who haven’t seen it yet! Enjoy!

Thanks @JacquelineRose7!

Minnie Mouse: He Could Be The One!

24 02 2010

This is a video of the wonderful Minnie Mouse, doing a re-make of ‘He Could Be The One’ from Hannah Montana!

You’ll love this!


Thanks @JacquelineRose7!

Hannah Montana 4!

21 02 2010

Here is a promo of Hannah Montana Season 4, this picture is also on the DC website!

Dance, Dance Chicago, replacing Hannah Montana?!

20 02 2010

‘Dance, Dance Chicago’ is a new tv show which is apparently going to be replacing ‘Hannah Montana’. 😦

Here is a video, of Bella Thorne, who is going to be in Dance, Dance Chicago, talking about her character and the show!

Don’t know much about Bella Thorne? Go here.


Thanks @JacquelineRose7

1st Annual Golden Sweet Niblet Awards – Hannah Montana.

6 02 2010

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