MileyWorld Video + what do you think of Liley!?

17 03 2010

Not very NEW news, but I thought I’d post it anyway incase anyone haven’t seen it!

So, what do you think of Liley as a couple? I personally think they are a really cute couple, but what do you think?


New Noah blog on MileyWorld!

3 03 2010

Just got home from school, fought with my brother Braison, and listened to some music.

Got a new puppy last week he is the best!  His name is Mocha and he is maybe about only 1 or 2 pounds he is so smart!

Ugggg I am so bored!  There is nothing to do.  Yesterday i went to dance and I brought my friend with me her name is Caymin and today i am going for Musical Theater.  Yesterday was Hip-Hop.  It was fun! Just got done doing my home work it was boring.  But so easy!  Well I am about to go to dance to bye guys have a great day byeee! XoXo

YOU can write to Miley!

11 02 2010

If you have a mileyworld account, you would have seen the new feature on the site, which is the opportunity for us fans to write to Miley! Miley doesn’t have the time to reply to all of our messages, but I’m sure she loves reading them!

If you have an account, what are you waiting for? 🙂 Go write to Miley!

If you do not have a mileyworld account, you can go to the site and purchase one! 🙂 You will get to see all of Miley’s new blogs, she adds photos, and there’s fun games and quizzes! Don’t miss out!

Check out!

3 02 2010

It looks like have had a small makeover, there are new photos on a slideshow on the homepage now!

Check it out!