Miley Cyrus on GMTV!

20 04 2010

Miley is unable to attend The Last Song premiere tonight, due to the flight problems, but she did stay up to have a quick interview with the presenters on GMTV this morning. Video below!


Nicholas Sparks, Miley Cyrus share a ‘Last Song’ love story!

11 03 2010

Click here to see the article talking about Nicholas Sparks, including Miley & The Last Song!

Thank you @JacquelineRose7!

Miley and Liam – Livechat!

11 03 2010

Miley and Liam will be doing a live chat this Saturday!

Please go here for info on how you can send your questions in for both Miley and Liam!

Who’s excited!? I know I am!

(Thanks JacquelineRose7!)

The Last Song – Cast talk about Nicholas Sparks!

4 03 2010

Here’s a video of the cast of The Last Song talking about Nicholas Sparks and his work!

Thank you JacquelineRose7!

NEW pictures from TLS photoshoot!

3 03 2010

A few days ago, I posted some new pictures from a photoshoot Miley did for The Last Song.

There are now more photos of Miley from this photoshoot, she looks incredible!


Click on the photos below, they are HQ!

“I hope You Find It”

3 03 2010

I think I’m speaking for everyone when I saw I am looking forward to hearing the full version of this!!

Remember, The Last Song is out in cinema’s on March 31st in the US!

And it’s out April 30th in the UK!


New photoshoot pictures of Miley!

1 03 2010

Here are three new pictures from a photoshoot Miley did, people have said it was for The Last Song.

Source: OurMiley!